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Inside, you’ll see our grade-specific revision plans. A 12-week plan that follows your child’s syllabus so that they can revise what they’re learning in school right now with video questions and worked solutions!

Our online learning platform has everything needed to ensure that your child understands and excels at Core Maths.

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Taught The Same Way Your Child  Learns In School

Stop the helpless feelings about your child’s Maths homework and make sure they get the right tuition, right when they need it.

Access Weekly Revision Lessons

Ensure your child keeps up with the maths curriculum while at home and they’re not left behind in Core Maths.

Theoretical Explanations Of ALL Core Concepts

Make sure your child understands the Core Maths fundamentals which means they can easily grasp subsequent topics they’re taught.

Practical Worked Examples And Solutions For Each Topic

Your child has practical examples and solutions to work through and cement their learning so they’re never stuck on a Maths topic.

Access A Bank Of Past Papers

Your child can work through questions in the same format as they’ve been examined in previous years. They’ll be prepared to excel when they take their Core Maths exams!

Taught by qualified South African Core Maths teachers

Stop searching Youtube for Maths help. Our teachers are South African and teach the South African syllabus the same way your child is taught in school. So you can be sure your child is learning Core Maths the way it’ll be tested.

Student's that EXCELLED with Keep It On Core

Keep It On Core has such a high-quality set of consistent in-depth videos and explanations for the entire math syllabus. A huge thank you to the team for making a platform that kept me constantly motivated and gave me the confidence to write my final Matric exams.

Marco (Johannesburg)

I like the way you explain the maths. Keep It On Core is the reason my marks went up. I just love Core Maths!

Mart-Marie (Germiston)

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Online tutoring, like in-person tutoring, is not a replacement for traditional teaching. It’s supplemental to what your child learns in school.  Results from online tutoring have the same drivers as traditional learning. The more focused time a student spends learning the greater the improvement in their grades

We recommend your child spend 2-hours learning online per week. This is in addition to their current syllabus and homework.

If you have a child /children in highschool in South Africa doing Core Maths in Grade 10, 11 or 12 we have their entire syllabus taught online. 

The content is divided into grades (GR12), then into topics (Algebra / Financial Maths etc) and then into lessons (“remainder theorem” an explanation and 5 example lessons).  Students work through the content at their own pace based on their individual needs.

Our online platform is suitable for both the IEB and CAPS curriculums. (South Africa’s two educational system’s governing bodies)

Our Core Maths lessons follow the same structure and as both the IEB and CAPS curriculums. This means it doesn’t matter if your child is at a private, government or being homeschooled they will be able to apply the Core Maths lessons from our learning platform.

All of our 900 plus video lessons are viewed on our website. Lessons can be watched on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. An internet connection is required to access the lessons and the community.

How much additional tuition your child needs depends on their current Core Maths level. Our recommendation is that a student should be doing at least 2-hours of additional revision per week. This is on top of their current school homework.  During this time they can access: theoretical lessons, practical examples with video solutions, past exam papers and revision plans.  


Memberships provide unlimited access so your child can access as much tuition as they require.

Your membership gives access to all the content on the site, GR10 – GR12. Let’s say your child is battling with GR 12 Algebra, no problem. They can simply go through GR11 algebra to recap the foundational concepts.

Membership to our platform is absolutely FREE. An active membership grants unlimited access to all the content on our site.

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