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We help learners improve their Core Maths through our online platform

With more than twenty years of teaching Maths in the classroom, in her own tuition centre and in front of the camera to learners across South Africa, Tamlyn Pickering decided to dedicate her time to making Maths more accessible and practical for South African students. During her time of onscreen teaching on DSTV, she realised the power of broadcasting and streaming content to learners but felt that television lacked the involvement and engagement that online learning offered.

Keep It On Core was developed as a way to make learning Maths more accessible while also creating an individualised learning path for students and a way for them to engage with the material and other community members.


My passion is teaching Mathematics!


Tamlyn Pickering

BA Hons, PGCE (FET Phase).

I am an extremely experienced and passionate teacher ...

My approach to teaching is to provide students with a solid foundation and understanding of concepts through clear, unintimidating instruction and demonstration.

I believe in reinforcing this understanding through scaffolding and layering of concepts and continually revising and connecting these concepts to ultimately provide students with a clear and holistic understanding of Mathematics.

My goal as a teacher is to instil in each learner, confidence in their own ability. I aim to liberate students from the perception that Mathematics is difficult and to equip them with numeric and geometric tools that will enable them to achieve success in life through their own strengths.

My years of teaching include having owned and run a high school Mathematics tuition centre for a number of years, followed by teaching grade 8 to 12 Maths in a public high school. I taught Core Maths on a DSTV learning channel for three years and, most recently, I was the Mathematics Head of Department and senior teacher in a prestigious private high school in Johannesburg.

My passion is teaching Mathematics!”