How does membership work?
All our membership options give users access to all lessons available on the site. As long as the membership is up to date, learners can access lessons across all grades, as well as any new content when it’s added.
How do the monthly plans work?
Simple. You pay as you go and you can stop your membership at any time.

When you register, we require your credit card details for verification purposes. Your card is NOT debited until the 7-day FREE trial has passed, then we debit you the monthly amount and again each month thereafter. Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee is valid for all plans – including “pay monthly”

What's inluded in the memberships?
We have made our plans as simple as possible. They include:

  • Everything that you see on the course page: all grades, all lessons, examples and explanations – any time you want it.
  • The “My Notebook” feature, which allows learners to create and store their own study notes directly next to each lesson, is available on all our plans
  • Access to our private Facebook group, to connect with other Maths Students to share ideas, ask questions or even set up a study group.
Is anything excluded from memberships?
From time to time, members of the community require additional help in preparation for exams, and we may offer live events, past papers or personalised instructions. These may charged for above the normal membership fees and are 100% optional.
What happens to my data if I cancel my membership?
We keep an eye on it for you while you’re gone. All your information, learning progress and study notes stay safe and protected until you’re ready to come back. Once you activate your membership again, you simply pick up where you left off.
Can you write my Maths exams for me?
We can help you with anything Maths related, but not this, unfortunately 😃.

But don’t worry, when you see how easy it is to improve your Maths with Keep It On Core, you won’t need our help, you’ll sail through your Core Maths exams on your own!

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about membership plans or anything else, complete a support request below.

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